The short introduction of Poli-Ferr 2000 Ltd.

Our company was founded in 1994 based on a family enterprise. This business provided great professional and commercial experience in order to start a new company.

Seeing the increased demand for wrapping material we began to produce foil and improve the conditions of printing technology. We purchased an extruder ( film extruder machine), a bag in roll machine and afterwards 4 coloured flexo printing machine in 1995. Firstly we are specialized in producing plastic bags, pe bags (polyethylene bags), garbage bags, which later proved to be a good decision.

In 2000 we developed our premises in the industrial site of Bőcs, which operates at present. At the same time we purchased bag in roll machines, a 1200mm wide 6 colour flexo printing machine and an extruder (film extruder machine) so that we could be competitive with companies and enterprises having similar products.


Seeing the rapid demand for making better quality wrapping material in 2003 the operation of the company was placed on a new basis. Decision was made about purchasing new, up to date equipment 2 extruders, (film extruder machine) and 2 bag in roll machines. It was realized in 2004.


In 2007 we carried out the expansion of our industrial unit so this way manufacturing can run in a 1000 m ² area. In that year we also installed a fast Wicket machine, which can supply customers having automatic and semi automatic packing machine.


In 2010-2011 the company management made a significant decision resulting in purchasing a new central impression drum UTECO flexo printing press. Our printing machine in addition to being high-speed (300m/s) it is also able to print 6 + 6 colours. This project contributes to supply our partners with high quality wrapping paper.

Manufacturing polyethylene bags, foil, wrapping paper, printing foil, flexo printing.


One of our goals was to protect environment during manufacturing so right from the beginning we started to recycle waste being made during production phase (manufacturing garbage bag). We introduced manufacturing environment-friendly products which was welcomed by our partners. When developing flexo printing, purchasing the new UTECO printing press we put great emphasis on environment protection. It resulted in consuming and using less energy, dissolvent and ink.


At the company it is first and foremost to meet the requirements of our existing and new partners working fast and on high quality level. It is the basic guideline for our colleagues.

Vincze Gyula and Vincze Gyuláné

Company owners